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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shopping SPREE!!!

Lately, i've been shopping to the max...not really sure why but been shopping haha ok, i think i do know why! it's cuz i got a trip coming up and there's nothing like an awesome trip with buddies to boost that motivation to buy new attire for the occasion!! so i got all these cool things that it meant for the trip. Uber excitement man......lol mostly to wear the new gear! hahaha it's gonna be GRRRRRRRRREAT!!

i'm still in the works of find the perfect laptop...it's still a mystery which one i really love...too many things come into play!! but i'm still looking, nonetheless...hopefully, it'll be worth the wait!

next is an awesome bike. Saw a nice one awhile back...still in debate mode...it's just big purchases that i wonder if anything will come from it, cha know?

so i finally got those running shoes...i'm pretty satisfied with them...tanya says i look thuggy in them...they're nike shox...christine doesn't like that style so she thinks they look funky hahaha to me, they are PERRRRFECT!! ;-)

i might get myself a new hat...not too sure...i do mean baseball cap. I'll hit up aber or hollister perhaps to find that jewel lol although, i did just buy a cowboy hat! not sure if i look sexy in it but hey, it's all good! hahaha all for the PHOTOS!!

alrighty, bedtime, gnite homies!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fun Filled Weekend

And so another weekend passes by as I gradually approach my cruise date!! WOO!! i'm friggin super stoked!!

the weekend was good...did some social drinking as always!!

first, it was at a bar in the Hyatt Hotel. I had a few glasses of wine and bottles of beer. I sure enjoyed my time watching tanya teach her dance to her dancers! LOL woo woooooooo...

second was at the banquet...when one eats beef, one should drink red wine! ;-) had a few more glasses that nite...vui qua!! oh and of course listening to music that just doesn't go with your tastes means more alky to sooth the pains hahahaha

third was a jazz concert...however, my drink seemed like it had no alky in it...it was called Sex on the Stage hahaha clever name! it was tasty oj and pineapple juice mostly!! good yummies!!

Went shopping a bit on sunday...got some cowboy hats for the cruise...can't wait for our modelling session! wahoo!! exciting!! *_*

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Deep and Interesting

I got this story from a friend's xanga. Thought it was deep and QUITE interesting...read on homies!! lemme know how u feel afterwards! haha ;-)

Quote From "Days of Obligation" by Richard Rodriquez

The best metaphor of America remains the dreadful metaphor--the Melting Pot. Fall into the Melting Pot--it makes no difference--you will find yoursef a stranger to your parents, a stranger to your own memory of yourself.

A Chinese girl walks to the front of the classroom, unfolds several ruled pages, and begins to read her essay to a trio of judges (I am one of her judges).

The voice of the essay is the voice of an immigrant. Stammer and elision approximate naivete (the judges squirm in their chairs). The narrator remembers her night-long journey to the United States aboard a Pan Am jet. The moon. Stars. Then a memory within a memory: in the darkened cabin of the plane, sitting next to her sleepig father, the little girl remembers bright China.

Many years pass.

The narrator's voice hardens into an American voice; her diction takes on rock and chrome. There is an ashtray on the table. The narrator is sitting at a sidewalk cafe in San Francisco. She is sixteen years old. She is with friends. The narrator notices a Chinese girl passing on the sidewalk. The narrator remembers bright China. The passing girl's face turns toward hers. The narrator recognizes herself in the passing girl--herself less assimilated. Their connective glance lasts only seconds. The narrator is embarrassed by her double--she remembers the cabin of the plane, her sleeping father, the moon, stars. The stranger disappears.

End of essay.

The room is silent as the Chinese student raises her eyes from the text.

One judge breaks the silence. Do you think your story is a sad story?

No, she replies. It is a true story.

What is the difference?

(Slowly, then.)

When you hear a sad story you cry, she says. When you hear a true story you cry even more.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Going NUTS

All these wild attempts of mine to get my website to be the most awesome one i've seen has failed or just been so faulty!! although, i've been brainstorming and i've figured out something hella cool that i MUST try...that just means you guys got more waiting to do before the FINAL RELEASE...dude, i'm not even in alpha yet...this will be a project that i will strive to finish! WOO WOO!! moral support from my Gs will be appreciated!! =D