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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fun Filled Weekend

And so another weekend passes by as I gradually approach my cruise date!! WOO!! i'm friggin super stoked!!

the weekend was good...did some social drinking as always!!

first, it was at a bar in the Hyatt Hotel. I had a few glasses of wine and bottles of beer. I sure enjoyed my time watching tanya teach her dance to her dancers! LOL woo woooooooo...

second was at the banquet...when one eats beef, one should drink red wine! ;-) had a few more glasses that nite...vui qua!! oh and of course listening to music that just doesn't go with your tastes means more alky to sooth the pains hahahaha

third was a jazz concert...however, my drink seemed like it had no alky in it...it was called Sex on the Stage hahaha clever name! it was tasty oj and pineapple juice mostly!! good yummies!!

Went shopping a bit on sunday...got some cowboy hats for the cruise...can't wait for our modelling session! wahoo!! exciting!! *_*


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