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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lackluster Wednesday

Wednesdays...Good for nothing HUMP

Reviewing my day, it was filled with NOTHING hahaha perhaps i could have went out and done something? I think i'm in my lazy mode where i'm barely up to do anything. Of course there are things you don't ever mind doing but if that isn't a choice, then nothing is fine ;-)

so all i did was go to work and then went home. While at home, i worked on putting some songs onto my ipod. I've had the same playlist for like months. I think my Gs are tired of hearing the same junk my car. But then, i have to say, not all songs will be different because, u know, ur favorites just never change. Like, for example, the song "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey? yeah, i think that song will be in my ipod FOREVER...summer, spring, fall, and...u guessed it, winter! LOL So yeah...new songs in Ipod everyone!! I was also able to DL some songs and all that. I don't even know how it took so much time!! I guess finding the right songs is hard. And there are those u have no idea what they sound like so you have to listen to them first before putting them in the ipod. u feel me?? yeahhhh...

so like i said, pretty lackluster of a day...but that's ok...1 out of 7 is enough...back to partying soon, i am TELLING YOU!! haha ;-) au revoir mateys!


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