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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day 2006!

Hello my skillets! Happy Valentine's Day to you all!! I know, uno day late but hey, it's the day after that i can tell you what happened on my V-day!


8:00am - Radio blasts on and i'm in no mood to wake up for work yet
9:00am - Finally stopped slammin on the snooze button and i wake up to get ready for work
9:45am - I get into work, grab a V8 and some Smart water for breakfast. At this moment, i'm feelin kinda woozy, light headed...i'm on the verge of getting sick (or maybe i already was!)
10:00am - Worked it!
12:00pm - Lunch: had dim sum with a friend...still free lunch! lol
1:30pm - Got back from lunch and worked it some more...along with the food coma and sickness, i was feelin really bad...sick sick sick i was...just needed rest to fix myself up!!
4:00pm - Couldn't deal with my sickness while at work anymore, was looking for a good time to just jet and relax at Tanya's (she took the day off btw! LOL)
6:00pm - Got to Tanya's and took a 30 min nap
6:30pm - Energized and hungry
8:00pm - Got to the restaurant
9:00pm - Got seated
12:00am - Left restaurant...We then find out that my car keys are locked in my car! Let me expand on this note for a bit. So we had our car valeted (valayed? haha how the heck do u spell valet in past tense??? =P) And i left my keys in the ignition with the car off. Somehow, the keys must have fallen out and locked the car itself! My keys were on the floor in my car. SHOOOOOT...so i had to call up my sis to bring me my spare key...
1:30am - Christine arrives to save the day!! *doo doo doooo*

Ok so i think it'd sound cooler if i told you in person...i don't wanna to be too elaborate on shiz here u know haha So that was my day. Kinda funny how the day before, i was wondering how i could make vday outrageous for two single people just living it up. I guess locking my keys in my car is one of them! =D Hope everyone's vday was as special as mine!! hehehe and on to the next holiday y'alls!!!


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