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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Weekend

The past Saturday was Tam's bday. For those of you that don't know, he's Hien's boyfriend...

it wasn't much, we just went to dinner and then RUSHED and i do mean literally RUSHED to Studio 8 haha I dropped my Gs off on the street near the club. They got in line and i RUSHED to find parking. Luckily enough, we found one about 15 feet away from the club...HOLLLLAAA props to Andrew haha

Pictures from our partying will come soon. I KNOW there was quite a few taken. My Gs took pictures, not i...so we'll have to wait for them hehe

Besides our weekly bday parties or just parties, the things we do in the morning before the partyin, well, no one really talks about that. Usually cuz it's plain and eventless. I gotta say, that's the same for me haha I just went shopping...i've planned to go shopping like a mad woman for day snow but NEVER have i had the chance. I've always had my plans cut short cuz of the nightly events...i'm hoping for a clear day to shop till i drop...i used to have plenty of those days, WHA HAPPEN!? ;-) well, i'll get them back, fo sho fo sho...one just needs to be patient :-D


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