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Thursday, February 16, 2006

2005 Recap

This is a little late, i know but i wanted to recap on a few important moments in my life in the year of 2005...and i'd like to thank all my skillets that have joined me in my ventures, put up with my complaining and craziness and most of all...letting me be your skillet! haha ;-)

January 2005:

Failed ski trip turned MOST AWESOME PARTAYYY!!

So as i said...it was our failed ski trip. First trip of the year and all we hear is failure. Driving up to Tahoe was a mess...stormy weather!! we got caught in a blizzard and weren't allowed to get to our final destination. The decision was to go back to davis and stay at My's house. No worries...we had a crazy time!! woo wee!!

After all the fun at My's house, we jetted to SF and went clubbin and slept at Anwar's place! man..those were great times, great i tell ya!! =D

January is also the month of my sister's bday...u go sissy!! =)

February 2005:
This is mine and christine's first steps into the spotlight for the annual Vietnamese School Van Lang Little Kids Talent/Beauty Pageant. We were the ones asking the questions to the kids, giving them a hard time and all haha Our only two supporters were there...Tanya and My! Thanks guys!! Much love to the skillets!!

February includes many birthdays, including My Tran and Judy Ly...may we all grow old gracefully hahaha

March 2005:
I dub March the month of Studio 8! Counting the times we went to Studio 8 in march...well...i counted 3 times. I know that doesn't sound a lot but everytime we went there, i gathered about 50+ pics! hahaha That's a lot you guys...but of course right. Gotta capture all that freakin and grindin and of course the smiles and frowns while taking those hard core shots! HAIL TO STUDIO 8!!!

April 2005:
This is nothing commemorating or anything but it's one of the moments in April that it looks like we're having a great time! hahaha Britannia arms is a fun place...just drinking and mellowing and good music.

May 2005:
Tanya's birthday marks the month of May...we had a blast! Unfortunately, the bday girl did NOT GET WASTED but hey...what fun is it if you don't remember your bday party!! LOL So yes, we let her live and we all died instead haha j/k...we even got yelled at by the neighbors cuz we were so noisy at 1030pm on a saturday nite! man...people these days...don't know how to HANG LOOSE!! haha ;-)

June 2005:

It's summer time so there are plenty of parties going on...here's two for ya!
Ngan's Birthday! You're not even CLOSE to catching up to me...lol

Lannhi's Graduation at zee beach! PARTY PARTYYYY...Lannhi just loved being chased into the ocean hahaha and of course everyone else had a grand time just watching her running about :-P Congrats Lannhi...u may now forget school and work forever! hehehe

July 2005:

Independence Day People!! Our annual beach BBQ...oh the awesome fireworks *_*

Ahh...the sand in my butt crack, the sea breeze in my hair, the beer in my hand...what an awesome july 4, guys lol

August 2005:
One of the most awesome trips of the year!! Vegas with my buds...what more can i ask for eh?? =D LOVIN IT...oh the clubbin, oh the drinkin, oh the sites, oh the fooooood...Vegas...who can be tired of vegas?! i've been there at least once a year...and it can't get any better than this!!

September 2005:

The first wedding ever with my skillets!! Don't we just look GORGEOUS?!?! hahaha I think all 8 of us look so hot...i'd date us all hahaha ok that was dirty but we do look good...SIZZZZZLING! Can't say we got mad drunk or anything, although we did take the van for such an occasion...hehehehe can u imagine, 8 of us rolling in a van? hehehehe SEXY!!! woo hoo!!

October 2005:
Andrew, now 25...he is the center of attention. It's his birthday so all the guys surround him getting ready to give him their present...all the boys want a piece of our manly friend Andrew...hahaha ;-)

November 2005:

November means one thing: cpizzle wasted LOL but hey, that doesn't mean i don't get any presents!! check it out...ipod video...hollllllllaaaaa...thanks to my best skillet Tangalita!! muchos gracias seniorita caliente!!

December 2005:
The day I've been waiting for since the dawn of time! hahaha man...graduation...how LOVELY can you be?!?!? woo hoooooo...u may now bow to a MASTER ;-) Thanks everyone for their support!! Love you all :-) On to the next degree, right guys?! hahaha :-D

And that ends the year for me. Of course I've skipped a lot of activities throughout the months but I was just recapping on the fun and memorable moments for me. 2005 was a good year. I hope 2006 will be even better! Bring it on new year!! woo!!


Blogger Kim said...

Good job updating! Keep it up! And yes buddy, only a year late.

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