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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Eventful! Recap Summer Part 3

Sin City...we love it. plain and simple. this is las vegas.

As you might have guessed, we had a great time gambling, swimming, eating, clubbing, and watching The Lion King. The weather was kind of weird though cuz it totally rained when we got there; Hot, humid weather, just like Florida! Kinda funny =) This was the first time I got to party with my cuzin Mary in vegas and it was super fun. Good stuff! Thanks for coming cuz!!

This time we parked our buns at The Paris Hotel. The remodelled rooms are nice. I am pretty sure if we didn't get those rooms, it would have been a lame o room that's all dirty and old. Thank goodness we didn't! The hotel is nice. Food's OK. The tables were nice to us =D I especially liked the roulette table hehehe

we partied at The Bank, which is a swank club in the Bellagio. It was pretty awesome. It's small but quaint enough for a great time. Good music and good company made my night =) vegas is always great when you need to get away for a short while. Lovely! <3 Vegas!


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