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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Jungle Cruising, Sand Wall Building, Tanning and Fireworks

So this is our last full day here in Cabo. The week went by so fast. I don't know what is up with the "time goes by fast when you're having a good time" BUT WHY!??! hehe It has been a great week. Weather's been perfect. It never got HECKA hot!! Makes me wonder what's up with that. Even the regulars tell me this is the coolest they've ever felt it get in Cabo. I guess that's good for us!! hehehe...

The past few days were very eventful. We went on a Jungle Cruise, hung out at the pool, swam in the ocean, made sand pictures and protected it with our sand wall/dam haha all that included tanning. Before I go on, I just wanna tell you what a jungle cruise is all about. Basically, it's one flat fee to get a cruise around the cabo beaches and all you can drink! hehehe...oh, did i mention loud music and dancing?? it was really fun. Nothing better than booze and dancing to lift the spirits!! and bonus was the views!! There's no need to talk about the aftermath of this lil cruise though ;-) hehehe

Moving on with our activities...we took a few trips into town. The walkwas about 1-2 miles, i think? It wasn't too far, but it wasn't a simple walk either. The taco stands and restos in town are much cheaper than the ones on the beach and they are so much more tastier!! love it!! We hung out with the family a few times too. It was good times =D
Fun in the sand was awesome. Can you tell what this is? hahaha we are trying to protect it from the waves!!
Oh and what a fireworks show!! LOL well it was better this time than what i remember it hehehe it was pretty cool. It last longer than 15 seconds haha i hope all you all had a good 4th!! And here we are with our 4th of July dinner =)

And on to our last day....we'll see where it takes us!! Have a good day skillets!!


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