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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Van Lang Picnic Prep and Fun

The past weekend, we had great weather. The sun was not too beaming and the wind was not too windy. It was just perfect for a picnic and that was what we had on Sunday.

It didn't all start out with fun and sun. Saturday's prep day was a busy one. From things to buy, food to prepare, and decorations to make, the day was long and filled with work to do. Thanks to our many helping hands, the prep day went smooth and quick. It wasn't like the past few years where the leaders had to stay up till 4am prepping food. This time, it was a group marinating meat, a group filling up the water balloons, a group skewering the veggies, and a group making the decoration signs. With proper delegation, things went smoothly!!

As for the outcome of our hard work and prep, Sunday was great. There were missing things here and there but we got it going and things were good! There were no issues with the food but I do think as a group, we waste too much cups and plates and forks! I swear there should have been more left but as u know, if there's more of something, people will waste it and get new ones!! It's just part of our nature to leave our paper cups stranded somewhere and it gets lost in the mess of other folks' cups and we just opt to get a new one hahaha All's good!! Next time, bring your own mugs!

LOL I think my fav was the photobooth since the photo printer was sickass. We should have taken more pics =P we all love to model after all ;-)

The games were a bit vicious with lots of competition. Good idea on getting color coded bandanas so there was a sense of brotherhood on each team. It's all about team work and knowing who ur team members are!! hehe Volleyball was another favorite amongst all. Just friendly games in the sand pit with a guy and his really nice camera taking pics of you LOL

At the end of the day, just the kiddies were left and we all had a great time. Another successful Van Lang Picnic under our belts!! =D


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