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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Circus featuring Britney Spears

How can i describe my Britney Spears concert experience?

I'll just say AWESOME!! *_*

i don't have many concerts under my belt so i don't have much to compare with but since i'm a crazy fan of britney, you guys might think i'm biased. Nonetheless, my friends (not so much britney fans but enjoys her music from time to time) loved it!!

It was a pretty neat experience. My friends and I decided to grab dinner at the restaurant inside the HP Pav called The Grill. It was a nice looking place with decent food. Not hella pricey but it is the upscale type of spiel. We were supposedly sitting 2 tables away from the tour producer. We were trying to figure out which guy was the producer and we were thinking it was the young guy but were totally wrong. It was a younger guy haha i guess young with all the new hip ideas!!

We had awesome seats too! I whipped out my camera and took any possible pictures/videos as I could just to capture my awesome experience. Pictures are up in my photo gallery. I really liked the Pussy Cat Dolls too!! They were awesome. Good way to start up a show. I caught some pretty clear pics of them dancing/singing. Love it!!!!!

Britney, you so awesome! When she was coming down from above the stage, i almost shed a tear!! WOOHOOO!!! hahaha =D

I hope everyone gets to see britney soon or at least once in their lives. There's no need to hate. It's a great performance and show. I don't need to worry about her lip singing or dancing all weak. It was just fun entertainment from an fun entertainer. Keep it up Britney!!


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