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Friday, June 01, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

So my first 3 day weekend came along last week. Haven't had a day off from work for awhile! hahaha not really complaining. Work is a HAVEN hehehahaha well the weekend was pretty productive and active...let us begin...

Saturday - may 26, 2007
Damn, my memory's hella shot because i'm trying to remember what i did and it's kinda blurry! Well, main points are:
  • Horseback riding at half moon bay
  • TRIED to shop at H&M in SF, failed due to the frustration of crazy pedestrians and drivers in that area!
  • Ate raw oysters at Hog Island to calm myself down
  • Ate dinner with the homies at some place that I have no idea the name of! LOL it was good though...we had a semi latin dinner! hehe
  • Driving home was a slightly long one, cuz my butt hurt from horseback riding! haha
  • Got home and ate bun bo hue! that's a good soupy ending to a chilly day
  • tanya, teresa and vinh came over to hang out and have some bun bo hue and play the Wii!!
That's pretty much the day in a nutshell!! Fun times right? yeah, at the end of the nite, sitting down was just HORROR! hahahaha ;-)

Sunday - may 26, 2007
I woke up real early on sunday to bid farewell to my sis as she was off to Illinois! 6am is too early since we stayed up till 2am playing the Wii the nite before haha awesomenessssss...

good thing i just went back to bed when she was done, BUT she called me in the middle of my slumber to ask me if she had forgotten her shuffle at home LOL and sure she did!! she was still at the airport so the pops dropped it off for her...aww sweet pops! :-D

as far as my day, it was slow and MORE SLOW hahaha went to a family party with the rents. Those family parties without my sister is a bit lame hahaha and i found out that 47 people were there. Too many kiddies! lots of boys that love playing their games lol that's all they did! silliness...i love games too...my Wii!! hehehe awesomeness!

Monday - may 27, 2007
Dude, monday...i really don't remember...

oooh we were supposed to play 2x2 vball with hien but we didn't get a chance to find a 4th player! our 4th player broke her legs!! (figuratively) lol she did too much hiking! good one teresa! LOL hilarious...

so that was that...i had hu tieu nam vang...i love that places meatballs (have to order that as a side) it's SO LISH! i LOVE IT ;-)

and THAT was my weekend...i guess it wasn't as exciting as i thought haha oh well, i had a good time. Hope u guys did too! woot woot!! PEACE!


Anonymous tianna hoang said...

hit me up next time you guys play vball...i miss it!!!

2:34 AM  

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