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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

First Picnic of the Year!

So we just had a lovely picnic the past weekend. It was nice. Vinh and I planned it all out with the help with our close buds. Some peeps usually ask "what's the occasion for this lovely get together?" well, just to sum it up, both me and Vinh got new jobs so there ya go!! We just wanted to celebrate with the skillets :P

As all parties, the night before involved shopping and all that jazz :D it was fun...went to costco, which means lots of other things to look at! Checked out some TVs...which i plan to get one btw!! TV SLASH MONITOR! woo!! 32" is ideal baby...ideal...anyway, back to the picnic...bought food food food and drinks (non alcoholic on-lay!) haha :P we were being good (or cheap haha j/k ;-)) i think we bought hella food only because we expected HELLA people...but as all parties go, people don't make it and all that...well it's ok though, no big deal!

well it was all good clean fun....bbq goodies, vball, sunshine, football, sweatin and major eatins! Pictures are up! Take a look if u like!
Happy Spring to everyone!!


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