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Friday, April 21, 2006

Rainy Days vs Sunny Days

So the weather was ugly for like a week or two then we'd have a sunny day thrown in and we all throw on our shorts and tanks and walk around in the sun. The one sunny day...it's about 60 degrees with a windchill of probably 55 degrees. I wouldn't say that's any kind of spring weather I'm used to! Gimme the sun and temperature above the 70s, punks!

With the rain just pouring and pouring for days straight, it's no wonder my car's a big fat dirt mess!! oh well, what can ya do...and it doesn't make you feel like going out and doing things either! Stay home, watch the boob tube, play games...etc...it's relaxing alright...but a tad unproductive...

And then comes one WHOLE WEEK OF SUNSHINE! HOLLLAAA with the sunshine looming, i was sooo ready to start working out, and thus i did! well, i mean, not work out cuz i already do the home workout spiel but jogging outside where the wind blows is what i'm talking about! haha see how much better one feels when the sun is out there? everyone is just cheery and shiz hehe i do love spring weather! spring clothes, spring sun, spring smell (ok i have allergies so that's not SUPER awesome or anything), spring...showers? LOL only if it's like friggin 80 outside when it rains!!! Just stay warm man, seriously...hahaha ;-)

And it's gonna rain again tomorrow...or they say the whole weekend...let's hope not too much and warm temperatures please!! can't wash my car now...still a big fat dirty mess!


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