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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shopping SPREE!!!

Lately, i've been shopping to the max...not really sure why but been shopping haha ok, i think i do know why! it's cuz i got a trip coming up and there's nothing like an awesome trip with buddies to boost that motivation to buy new attire for the occasion!! so i got all these cool things that it meant for the trip. Uber excitement man......lol mostly to wear the new gear! hahaha it's gonna be GRRRRRRRRREAT!!

i'm still in the works of find the perfect laptop...it's still a mystery which one i really love...too many things come into play!! but i'm still looking, nonetheless...hopefully, it'll be worth the wait!

next is an awesome bike. Saw a nice one awhile back...still in debate mode...it's just big purchases that i wonder if anything will come from it, cha know?

so i finally got those running shoes...i'm pretty satisfied with them...tanya says i look thuggy in them...they're nike shox...christine doesn't like that style so she thinks they look funky hahaha to me, they are PERRRRFECT!! ;-)

i might get myself a new hat...not too sure...i do mean baseball cap. I'll hit up aber or hollister perhaps to find that jewel lol although, i did just buy a cowboy hat! not sure if i look sexy in it but hey, it's all good! hahaha all for the PHOTOS!!

alrighty, bedtime, gnite homies!!


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