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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Muoi's Birthday PARTAYYY

Smashing good fun i must say! Saturday night...fun fun....the beginning of the night started out early for me, my sis and tanz. We were at the bar across the street from Miyake's waiting for everyone to get there. We got there at 7pm...chilled a bit, talked, had a few laughs and drinks. The bar across the street, called Rudy's is a pretty cool place with nice people. They had a foosball table too. Played a few rounds of that while drinking plenty of goods! hahaha

then the crowd comes. the CROWD means Muoi's bday crew! that was like...940pm or something. Yeah, us 3 girls waited for 2 hours and 40 mins before getting seated at the restaurant. Who KNOWS when we got our food to eat!! sheesh....it was cool though....just all these sake bombs floating around and me flittering around with my camera haha AWESOME...then we drifted over to Blue Chalk. It was cool with their music and dancing. Good clean fun times! =D

The sushi made me crave more sushi. I might go grab some somewhere this week! YEAH! lol


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