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Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Tanya!

Hear ye, hear ye!! It's that time again when one of our own gets to be one year older! woo hoo!!

Readers are all DYING to know: How do you feel being 27, Tanya?
Her reply: 27 is the new 17!

hahaha yes, that's how i feel about being 26.5 right now! :-P younger than ever hahaha anyway...

Tanya's Birthday

Filled with fun and laughs and food and drinks! Thai Basil had yummy foods and cheap bottles of wine hahaha I think we all had a fine time being so civilized drinking our vino....until....the irish bar! hehehe shots starting flying everywhere. They even ran out of grey goose cuz of us haha sweet! and then we chugged down our beers like there was no tomorrow! *BURP* too gassy! hahaha

Abyss was a bowl of vodka...and pineapple juice and red bull hehehe We were cool enough to get a huge table for our crew. We drank it up and danced it up!! it was crazy. Here's a view of things before everyone got CRAZAYYY...

Aren't we so cute! LOL well i think so ;-) anyway...look look, no one has their eyes closed! hehehe except for bao. he looks better that way anyway ;-) hahaha

Well, happy birthday TANZ!!! live it UUUUP!! woot wooooot...

btw...pictures will be up soon...


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