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Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy 4th 2007!

A little late but u'll have to excuse me because i was not actually anywhere near a computer to write that! lol

it was our typical july 4 bbq at monterey beach. booze and bbqed chicken and bbqed skewers were just perfect for the semi-hot day with a pretty brisk wind. We stationed ourselves right next to a vball court, all hoping to be able to ask them to borrow their net or play with them. The trick worked, we got our vball game on and it was jammin! that doesn't mean we won all games or anything hahaha it just means we had a slammin time diggin them spikes and divin for them wild hits :P good times team!!

the fireworks were nice. I really expected it to be more PIZAZZY...and longer!! haha ahh well...it was nice of them to have fireworks every year!! you gotta love it....EXCEPT for the 2 hours it took to get home!! stupid traffic!! peeps gotta learn how to GET IT MOVIN!! GRRRR...soo annoying...at least we made it home. Man was a sleepy in the drive home!! woo!!! a few slaps here and there kept me awake hahaha so RAD!!

bedtime was at 130am...it was good enough since 2 day work weeks don't come often hehehe

but anyway...HAPPY JULY 4!!!


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