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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Back to Reality

GAWSH, it's just so ugly to go back to work!! hahaha seriously though...sweet days of fun in vegas and then BAM 8 hours later, i'm in my chair working. That's just uncool man!

Vegas brought much joy and laughter into the lives of the 12 of us. You can totally imagine what we did!! hehe i'd like to recap, for my own fun, what we did :-P

- Thursday - June 28, 2007

worky worky!! that is...worked the day and worked the night. Picked up the rad party cars and picked up all the passengers...130am...we were off on our way to VEGAS BABY!!!

- Friday - June 29, 2007

I only remember sleeping for an hour...driving wasn't too bad with an amp by your side!!! after 8 hours of driving fun and a few chicken nuggets, we were in Vegas!! i'll mark the time as 930am...

we drove straight to our hotel, the Venetian. Check-in time was 3pm so we had a whiles to go and kill time. Breakfast was on our minds when we parked the car. I was already sweatin beads as we stepped out of the car. I'm gonna say it was about 85 degrees...hotNESSSS...like any night drive, our first stop was the bathroom to freshen up and clean the bowels and bladder. Right next to the restrooms was the venetian shopping area food court!!! and off we went to find our most important meal of the day. The skillets scattered in all directions picking out their preferred meal. I wounded up with some oily chinese food (the best thing for a morning meal!!) After all that rad eating, we went back to the car for a "sip" of the hard stuff. So there we were, in the middle of the garage, chuggin!! of course that wasn't enough so we decided to get out of the heat and buy us some light drinks. Off to the venetain bar we go!!

I'm sure it wasn't a bad time to start ordering drinks, but people did think we were a party bunch when the 9 of us ordered over the bar. It was around 1030am. Next step, GAMBLING...we went to the roulette tables and was itchin to "win" some moola. Of course, we were cheap so we wandered trying to find a $5 minimum table but then we totally forgot where we were. We were in the Venetian man!! no way are we gonna see the number $5!! hahaha that's what happens when u go all luxurious ;-) so the majority of us chipped in $20 bucks for a lil stack of $1 chips on the roulette table. The only comment i have for this is "c'mon BILLAYY!! BIG MUNNAYY!!"

as in all first rounds of playing in vegas, we left the table with the satisfaction that we paid 20 bucks to kick, jump, scream, and yell! :-D good times comrads, good times...now let's get on to the good stuff...12pm, we got in line to hope for an early check-in, but like our luck, we had none...3pm it was. We had too much time on our hands and so it goes to the group decision: go to a cheap casino to play $5 blackjack till check-in comes!

ever heard of O'sheas? Yeah? no? hehehe if u've been, u know it was a place to play!! hahaha after entering the casino, we approached an empty craps table...and here the fun part begins!! Just imagine this, a load asians in their mid-twenties with cash in their pockets and ready to pull out a whole $40 to learn and play craps. We were too innocent, not knowing the rules of the game and just throwing our $5 chips onto the table whenever the dealer guy told us to. And then imagine this...loads of chips kept coming back our way!! the return was phenomenal! hahahaha i mean seriously, you could have asked yourself as the beginner that you are "how do you lose!?" hahaha quoted from Long hahaha awesome...we all walked out of there with a sweet amount of chips...man it was the best game EVER!!! (that day only, as you will find out...) so you'd say we were smart to stop while we were still up but i think we were stupid because we could have stayed and won more!! LOL hahahaha ;-)

3pm started to roll around so we all cashed out and left to head back to the hotel to check-in. You wouldn't believe how tired I was...and some of the others too...but of course my sister and long were high on margaritas! LOL that was so hilarious...yes, you guys are the coolest couple ever (at that time only lol cuz u know, without your fierce yelling at the craps table, i don't think i'd be a WINNAHHH!!) the rooms at the venetian are NICE...i mean, it was larger than i expected with all the great goodies of a luxurious hotel. Sure ain't no imperial palace! LOL

i was able to take a 30 mins nap when we got to the room. Some peeps were pretty feisty due to some margaritas de la tanz!! LOL thanks tanz, i don't know what happened to my personalized cup!! i would like it as memorabilia :-P that was pretty strong jazz though girlie hahaha knocked my sister to the EDGE! puahahaha awesome...

tight schedule begins...

we had to get our booties to dinner around 6ish in order to wrap up and finish to get into the club at around 930pm LOL yes, we're just so early!!! hahaha but i swear, it was such a good thing that we went that early!! but let's talk about dinner first...all i remember the name of the restaurant was "cafe luxe" hahaha awesome...it was VERY LUXE hahaha no, it wasn't fancy. Your basic american cafe that highly resembles our lovely cheesecake factory!! i mean dude, even the togo boxes and bags were spittin images!! anywaise, i thought their food there was tres magnifique!!! seriously! it was sooo the bomb!! LOVED IT!! from the clam chowder to the pasta to the beef...man...all this talk is making me hungry. I'm totally going back there next time, if time permits!! hehehe while eating dinner, the other 3 of our crew finally got their flyin a$$es to vegas. It was good timing cuz everyone got back to the room and was pretty much ready to head to Tao...one of the hottesth clubsth in vegasth!!

Tao is a pretty nice looking club. We got there early and took a lil tour, after our stop at the bar, of course hehehe It was the craziest thing. I mean, we were there for an hour and then BAM!! crowd became wildly crazy crowded!! That's when the music changed to the cooler hip hop music, not your 80s free stylin hehe but yeah, it was pretty fun with all the dancing and drinking hahaha the usual clubbing experience, except for the random naked chicks in tubs somewhere hahaha seriously...that was interesting...that sure made all the guys' heads turn! hahaha silliness...and get this, we left at 1230!! hahaha we partied from 930 to 1230 hahaha awesomeness...that was good cuz it got too crowded and leaving was just the best thing to do. And you have no idea how rude the folks are in vegas. I think it's cuz everyone has been buzzin since 7am in the morning hahaha just rude man!! all hatin!! ahh well...new city, new style!!

bed time was nice!!! lol slept at 130 or whatever time it was when we got back...all the way till 10am!! hehehe awesome...it was good since i was just going on an hour of sleep the day before.

- Saturday - June 30, 2007

We all woke up very relaxingly and got ready for brunch. After all the to and fros, we chose to eat at this asian noodle house right in venetian. I'm gonna say it was PERFECT for brunch because OMG i was sooooo dehydrated and needing something to warm the belly!! wonton noodle soup was just DA BOMB!! :-D

the afternoon went by fast, with gambling and swimming on the agenda...but guess what, the only thing we wound up doing was.....gambling!!! hahaha so yeah, like the gambling addicts that we are, we figured we could fool the house again to give us some more money LOL of course THAT idea was faulty...so let's not talk about that anymore!!

we came back to the hotel to get ready for an early dinner buffet so we won't be late to PHANTOM...dinner was at the wynn buffet...damn that was good...i'd have liked it better if i didn't have IBM!!! lol you can try to guess what that stands for ;-)

we made it to phantom right on time...the show was pretty good. Music and pyrotechnics and special efx were cute lol it's muchos better than the movie version hahaa that's the only thing i have to compare it to so that's all i can say hahaha

you can kinda guess what we did the rest of the night till 330am hahaha of course that just like burned a hole in my pocket...good thing we decided to stop otherwise i would have burned my whole pants off LOL it was good fun though!!! we tried to yell, kick, punch, screen, slap, clap, and all that...but none of that got us to positive numbers. It was ok though, we brought life to a table that needed it and that's worth it ALLLLLL hahahaha ;-)

- Sunday - July 1, 2007

The most terrible day comes where we had to head home. We had lovely brunch at Harbor Palace (probably will be our tradition from now on) dim sum it was and that was that...an 11 hour drive in pretty much blistering heat. Last reading was 107 degrees...terrible!! hahaha even so we took a nice stop for dinner at our favorite wendy's with massive crowds also wanting the same thing...it was the best bacon cheeseburger and nuggets EVER!! hahaha we finally made it home, all beaten up!! I got to my bed at 1am...and the next day was work......Back to REALITY...THE END!! haha!!

We don't care if we win or lose. We don't care if it took us 8 hours to get there and 11 hours to get home. All we care about is partying together and hanging out together. All in all...it was ONE HOT TRIP! LOL dudes, i was trying to be deep but i lost the last line...hahaha oh well!! Hope you enjoyed it, i know i sure did!! party on skillets!!!!



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HAHAHAH going to bay 101 tomorrow...long wants to go...i just wanna gamble...ahhaaj/k

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