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Monday, April 06, 2009

Unexpected Semi Eventful Weekend

So here's humdrum Monday again...at least the weekend was fun!

Mountain view is a fun place only if you go with fun people lol no offense!! just need the right vibe, chu know? Thanks buddies for letting us party at your crib and hood hehe we must do it again soon! Also, it was nice meeting new people. Keep that gangsta vibe alive! Just picture: black escalade, smoking out the window, loud rave boom booming and someone actually rear ending you lol that was partially our night! *high five*

I'd again like to say Happy Birthday Diana! Glad you got trashed like most bday folks. It's just tradition.

Ahhh, one more thing, stoked to see britney on Sunday!! Maybe i'll catch her bus or someone running errands for her in SJ!! lol yeahhhh...*_*

Btw folks, I'm in the midst of cleaning up my photo gallery so if it's down, don't frown! Pictures will be back up soon! Thanks and i'll catcha later!!


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