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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tanya's Birthday Weekend: The Last of her Twenties

The past weekend was filled with activities, from a new club's grand opening to a birthday party to a picnic to some crawfish to a concert!! It was uber lively!!

Let's start with the craziest party: Tanya's Birthday Party at Pearl

It was all fun and simple when we first started. The Sake Bar Lounge right next door to the infamous Lido was the first stop.

Getting in line to get into Pearl was no problem. We were a LITTLE early but not so early that we looked like losers lol The inside looked the same as Vivid and Studio 8. No real changes were made to the venue except for some different decor and LCD TVs at every booth. Seemed like the booths were not so popular for people. I mean, seriously, 200 bucks for a bottle and service? No thanks!! Even those that did get a table, wounded using most of their time on the dance floor.

Not that there's not too much to say about the party, but i don't wanna make it so dry by writing about every little detail. It was a great time with Tangalita's red hat and many many friends! Too bad someone lost a camera and phone! Super super fun time...I wonder when we'll do that again? hahaha getting old, u know? ;-)

What better to do after a crazy party?

The Chiller side of Tanya's Birthday: Picnic and Volleyball and Crawfish

Lovely day, it was...degrees rising up to the high 90s, we all huddle beneath one small shade at Cataldi park. Right next to us was a volleyball net we set up, ready to be played. The sun was beaming at every nonshaded area. The wind blew lightly as we all laid on the grass, lawn chairs. I could see rosy cheeks on everyone's face. Water was plenty but it didn't seem to cool us down. "Anyone wanna play some vball?" someone would ask. We all got up to play, but with the sun on us, the game was on for 15 mins and we rushed back underneath the shade...

That was what our Saturday looked like haha i mean seriously, it was prettyyyyy hot. After awhile, our shade was getting onto the sidewalk so we moved camped to the other big shade. We really did nothing the whole time! Loved it!! So relaxing...

Of course after a long time a'nappin and chillaxin, tummies start to rumble and we just had to get some good ole grub! And the suggestion of crawfish came up. Brilliant idea, yes? YES! Mmm...the lot of us went to get some crawfish for dinner....one great snacky dinner!! I love the juices, the sausages and the corn....no need for the crawfish meat but i guess that's the extra small bonus haha too much work for such a itty bitty thang!!

Sunday's 100 degrees Searching for 1 million dollars: Cam On Anh Fundraising Concert

And it probably was the hottest day of the year yet and indeed we all were outside hanging out at Independence High School's football field for a the Cam On Anh Concert. It was a fundraising event for the Veteran Soldiers in Vietnam that fought for Vietnam's freedom. They are all poor and sick over in Vietnam so this money will help them out, fo sho!! As a part of my Viet school's (Van Lang) charitable contribution, we helped out by counting the donations the flowed in from the audience. In the 100 degree heat, there was a lot of people sitting and watching the concert. It was pretty cool. The artists did a goo job of keeping us entertained and they were really good too!

I don't think i'd ever hear someone say it but someone told me "I am just tired of counting money" hahaha i mean wha???? =P i guess it was the heat talking hahaha well at least we got some good pics with some beautiful stars!! hehehe!! ;-)

Let's hope more of these fun summer weekends get lined up!! Peace out!


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