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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Britney's Twitter

I'm not a big twitter fan. Not that i don't like it. It's because i don't think about it. It's funny to hear all these stars following other stars' twitters. There would be only one star i would care about reading their twitter and it is (OF COURSE!!) Le Brit Brit!! hahaha =D Yesterday I looked up her twitter, remembering it was /britneyspears and i seriously typed this into the link box:


When I noticed the link didn't work, i was like whuuuut...and realized it's supposed to be twitter.com/britneyspears lol see, such a twit-tweet noob!! haha hilarious...

it is kinda fun reading people's twitters if i got nothing to do. The wild thing about twitter is that you can sign up for it and then "follow" other people's twitters. This means for every update that person tweets, you get a text or some sort of notification of their tweet! haha so seriously, i know what ur doing whenever u want to tell me, right that instant!! It's an idea that's interesting for celebs and stalkers. For the not so famous human being, i couldn't care less if YOU'RE in bahamas as opposed to Britney being i bahamas, chu know what i mean? Doesn't mean i don't like you but, really??? hahaha just silliness...it's fascinating though, so it'll be uber popular for awhile, i'm sure. Too bad superstars don't actually always update what their doing religiously hehe "yes, i'd love to know if britney is going to eat lunch right now!"


Before signing up for twitter, i think i'm gonna get a blackberry or some smartphone with internet access first!! =D not so sure i'd sign up yet though, even with my cool gadget, we shall see! =D


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