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Monday, September 28, 2009

Eventful! Recap Summer Part 1

Man so many events have happened after my Cabo trip, i don't even know where to begin to describe the craze! obviously i've been busy and lazy to blog about it....although i should have! lots of insight on all the fun, u know =D

well let's see...i remember i went to a few pool parties and then camping and then then hiking and then vegas and then vball and then more vball and then CHILLLLLLLLL...

pool party!...This was for yen's and tran's going away party....supposedly a surprise but i do recall it wasn't really lol they pretty much strolled in like "it's just a pool party" and i guess it ain't anything to be surprised about when you're already there and the thought"ok i guess it's for me" hahaha oh and best thing was Tran getting FADED!! who made her that margarita? or was it a shot? hahaha awesome viet alky blood she got!!!
camping...was INTERESTING....i have to say it was nicee that it wasn't super far away or had any car accidents that made a 2 hours drive a 6 hour one! should have just drove to LA...anyway that's another story from another camping trip that i will not bring up cuz i'm too depressed thinking about it ;-) well for this year's camping, the highlight of the night activities was, yes, the fire lighting ceremony!! hahaha man, no one took pics of that and i'm soooo sad....it was the coolest thing ever!! thanks to Vinh and his good lame dance moves haha but yeah, it was fun, minus the wind on the first day, it was good times =)

oh, you want me to tell you about this infamous wind? =P well imagine hurricane winds...but maybe 20 mph lighter hehe....and imagine the type of shelter you gots is your tent....now a tent is lighter than air at times which is pinned to the ground by stakes in the shape of a dome and of course you got yourself the most sturdy "house" ever!! haha yeah right, you got yourself a friggin kite!! there was never a moment during my slumber that night that I thought a part of our tent was gonna fly awayyyyy....or rip off and fly away hahaha seriously....crazyyyy....yeah....great memories....=D

thanks to BTC for the nice choice and design of the tshirts!

a stroll in the park...hiking was an eventful scene. Think about 30 people hiking together lol i mean....cmon! it was a partayyyyyy haha all in all, it was just a lot of crazy photographers trying to take pics for their photo club and having unlimited number of models at their disposal lol i'd say it was a great photo shoot! good job models!!

Summer 2009: To be continued....


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