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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Mac vs Big Carl

And the winner is................


Let me tell you why. To note, I tried the big carl yesterday and bleh...ain't nothing tasty as a big mac! Ok, i do admit the patties are a bit bigger but all it is to me is a huge ole cheeseburger with ghetto amounts of lettuce. Cheeseburger!! They seriously gave me one slab of iceberg lettuce, the part where it's WHITE and TASTELESS and big cheese and patties. I didn't find anything veggie-ish in this baby at all. Where's that special sauce, you ask? Well I did taste interesting honey tasting portions in my burger but it really was just weird and barely there.

Hands down, big mac is still better. I don't know anyone who didn't like the big mac but i'm sure it's better than the Big Carl!! If you're gonna have a commercial talking down on the big mac, it better be better...but it ain't so, Carl's Jr., you lose.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Zune HD

So I ran out and bought myself a zune HD the first week it came out, i think! i like it plenty. Sure, peeps will think "she should have gotten an itouch/iphone but nah, i already have an ipod and my sis has an itouch hehehe i wanted something NEW to play with.

I wanted to mention a bit about it. The screen is pretty nice. I believe it has great HD quality. The touch is also responsive. Sometimes the reaction time can be a little slow but I didn't expect it to be super fast since I don't have anything to compare it to except for my sister's itouch and it's comparable. The interface is neat and good sized. White on black is pretty sexy =P Since I was used to the itunes software and ipod interface, I had to get used to some of the differences the zune HD provides. After a few uses, I was up to speed and it is great. There's a shortcut button when your phone is "locked" to access the music player. That is, to start a song, pause, go to the next song, and volume controls without having to unlock (if you screen lock your zune) Quick access is awesome!

I've yet to play my own videos on it. There is one already on the zune and then another one you can DL from the app store aka Zune Marketplace. That's where you can get the uber limited number of games for the zune as well. The movies are so clear!! pretty awesome =) I plan to sometime get the Zune HD AV dock or whatever soon...not sure when though. It'll be sweet when things get going on marketplaces and movies are DLable and then just plug it into the dock and BADA BING, watch it on my HDTV =D that'll be AWEsome *_*

There's this thing called the Zune Pass. It basically lets you listen to full unlimited songs and every month, you get to keep 10 of them! i guess it's cool...but i haven't done it. Costs $15/month...hehe...

the internet browser is its own lil thing so there are pages it just can't render. A little lame there but most sites with a mobile counterpart do well. I like reading my news on there =) i also don't mind the little keyboard it has to type in searches, urls and fb updates hehe bigger fingers might have issues.

As many people have noted, this baby totally needs APPS!! It comes with a Weather app by from MSN and some limpy games. Oh and of course the good ole calculator!! C'mon Microsoft, open up that SDK! i wanna make some apps! soon i say, SOON...=D

and that's my take on this sweet device!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Eventful! Recap Summer Part 4

Ai yay yayyy...part 4 finally!! I'll make this the last one, i promise!

Beach Volleyball Doubles Tournament...basically means play your heart out on the beach, in the blazing sun for tshirts! it was me and John that teamed up. Tanya and Tam teamed up. We were trying a different approach this time. I think me and tanya were tired of not getting far in the playoffs hahaha we've been practicing hard too. It all worked out well. Neither of us won but we definitely did better than we've done hahaha that's easy to say since it's a lil easier to have seasoned player as our partners =D good job everyone!! Let's not forget that Tom and Hien played in the intermediate pool. They tried their best as well but alas...no winners in our group. Poor Tam and his leg cramp. I was really hoping tanya and tam would kick the other team's but cuz they were cheap players! but anyway...we all had a great time!! that's all that matters =) the margaritas treat was pretty awesome too

Sandy's New Digs...our sweet little sandy moved into a new apt complex with Lam and the parties are totally starting! they even have two lil puppies! so cute! they're young and rambunctious. So silly...thanks for inviting us over to your gatherings girl! all i remember are those huge bottles of liquor....they're pretty just not so tasty lol unless u like that sort of stuff haha anyway, many more parties to come, yup!!!

And that is it!! that would be my crazy end of summer fun! every moment cherished, every moment remembered =D thanks friends who have joined me in all the fun!! welcome Fall...we are ready for ya....

Eventful! Recap Summer Part 3

Sin City...we love it. plain and simple. this is las vegas.

As you might have guessed, we had a great time gambling, swimming, eating, clubbing, and watching The Lion King. The weather was kind of weird though cuz it totally rained when we got there; Hot, humid weather, just like Florida! Kinda funny =) This was the first time I got to party with my cuzin Mary in vegas and it was super fun. Good stuff! Thanks for coming cuz!!

This time we parked our buns at The Paris Hotel. The remodelled rooms are nice. I am pretty sure if we didn't get those rooms, it would have been a lame o room that's all dirty and old. Thank goodness we didn't! The hotel is nice. Food's OK. The tables were nice to us =D I especially liked the roulette table hehehe

we partied at The Bank, which is a swank club in the Bellagio. It was pretty awesome. It's small but quaint enough for a great time. Good music and good company made my night =) vegas is always great when you need to get away for a short while. Lovely! <3 Vegas!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Eventful! Recap Summer Part 2

Whew! here we are again with another installment of C Pizzle's Summer 2009.

so after hiking what happened? oh yes...

San Francisco...had to head up there to straigten some things out about my free hawaii trip haha yup...and while we were there....tanya and i caught a gig!

Beats: Tanz

Rhythm: CPizz

The Rhythm and Beats

So the next installment contains vegas so I'm gonna write about it in a later blog cuz there's just too much fun to talk about in that one =D

good night and good luck ;-)