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Friday, February 05, 2010

OMG where'd January go!?

DUDE....january went by like a lightning bolt!! wow....seriously, it was just the other day i was planning with Tri my sister's lil surprise shindig lol Well, happy birthday skinny!!

moving on now...january didn't hold too much oomph in our lives. Like seriously, it rained everyday!! and with the rain comes the laziness, and with the laziness comes the stay at home all the time-ness haha so basically, we were all homebodies except for work days and viet school times. Any extracurricular activities were not thought of cuz we were lazy....but then...we jumped for joy when we were all invited to Lyly's bday dinner and karaoke LOL well ok, not jumped for joy but i did notice a huge number of folks joined the event! It was dinner at a sushi place and then karaoke at a korean place haha both places were fun fun fun!!

and what better to start the new year off with than a trip to vegas! yup, vegas again guys LOL this time it was just to use some comps and check out aria! That hotel was pretty nice. Got great architecture and it just looks spankin new. Very loverly =)

And then me and tanz in front of this waterfall spiel lol

And vegas ended our first month of 2010....i'm gonna go crazy in february y'alls!! haha i mean, it's gonna be busy! see you later!


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