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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Van Lang Partying

So as you recall, february started out with leaving las vegas and then on came one busy busy week! Mostly due to the annual Van Lang Dinner banquet for teachers and their families. Of course, this year, me and my skillets decided to be all up in the entertainment. Not only were we part of the group singing, we even did a lady quartet, conjured up a silly introduction and MC'ed the whole spiel!! it was super fun and hilarious at the same time =D totally dorky, yet stylish lol now, didn't we look good in our ao dais?!

Friday, February 05, 2010

OMG where'd January go!?

DUDE....january went by like a lightning bolt!! wow....seriously, it was just the other day i was planning with Tri my sister's lil surprise shindig lol Well, happy birthday skinny!!

moving on now...january didn't hold too much oomph in our lives. Like seriously, it rained everyday!! and with the rain comes the laziness, and with the laziness comes the stay at home all the time-ness haha so basically, we were all homebodies except for work days and viet school times. Any extracurricular activities were not thought of cuz we were lazy....but then...we jumped for joy when we were all invited to Lyly's bday dinner and karaoke LOL well ok, not jumped for joy but i did notice a huge number of folks joined the event! It was dinner at a sushi place and then karaoke at a korean place haha both places were fun fun fun!!

and what better to start the new year off with than a trip to vegas! yup, vegas again guys LOL this time it was just to use some comps and check out aria! That hotel was pretty nice. Got great architecture and it just looks spankin new. Very loverly =)

And then me and tanz in front of this waterfall spiel lol

And vegas ended our first month of 2010....i'm gonna go crazy in february y'alls!! haha i mean, it's gonna be busy! see you later!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

And along came december...

Hello again everyone!

I'm finally unlazy enough to get back into the game of blogging. I really don't know what i do with my time otherwise. And so I've come back to write about my splendid holidays. Let's begin with the beginning of december....napa, you're up!!

and so we stayed at this swank joint up in Napa. It was good clean fun with good eats, wine and weather. Considering it was december, the weather was really nice for hanging out outside. Although, the degrees was COOOLD....I believe it was one of the colder nights we've had in north cali and we just rolled in it. Since it was awhile ago, the one thing I remember about this trip that pissed me off was....i left my SD card for my camera at home!!! So i didn't have a point-and-shoot camera available for all the sweet candids I am so proud of =P it was sad!! And to that, we don't have that many great pics and such. All I could do was use my phone camera haha not as spectacular but cute enough...I GUESS...all sadness aside, someone else brought their camera but somehow, we just didn't take the usual 100+ a day type of deal =D all good, at least not all was lost, my friends....=P

so what next?

the next fun outting was hanging out at dinner with andrew and the gang. That was when he told us his PLAN for hawaii and xmas time

hehehe he is such a silly boy =D we had korean bbq buffet on el camino. Good shiet!! i wasn't too fond of the soju though, blech!!

what do next?

next was tri's surprise graduation spiel! haha it was fun. I posted pics of it up already so y'alls knows about it...he was uber surprised and i must say, it was HILARIOUS!! good times...too bad the music their was MEH....cardiff lounge: if you like house music, this is your place =)

who do next?

and along came christmas!! presents galore, fun galore, friends galore, graham crackers galore, and of course the infamous video tanya and i made for the gang! =D glad everyone loved it!! what was my fave gift? hmm i'm not sure...i got a lot of things i really wanted and liked hehehe LOVE IT!!

where do next?

we finally went ice skating under the palms for the first time evar haha it was fun!! the day time it rained all nutso and then our nutso friend told us it stopped raining so we all should go ice skating. And because we're nutso like our nutso friend, we said yes! hahaha it was fun though! Got some good pics, ice skating vids, and of course total butt landings!! hahaha awesome indeed...

FINALLY last....

zee last would be the new year's eve party! we partied up in SF with debby and her buds! It was fun and different. Perhaps a lil bit lacking on the dancing side but it was good enough. Rang in the new year with open bar and good friends. WELCOME 2010!!!!