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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Eventful! Recap Summer Part 4

Ai yay yayyy...part 4 finally!! I'll make this the last one, i promise!

Beach Volleyball Doubles Tournament...basically means play your heart out on the beach, in the blazing sun for tshirts! it was me and John that teamed up. Tanya and Tam teamed up. We were trying a different approach this time. I think me and tanya were tired of not getting far in the playoffs hahaha we've been practicing hard too. It all worked out well. Neither of us won but we definitely did better than we've done hahaha that's easy to say since it's a lil easier to have seasoned player as our partners =D good job everyone!! Let's not forget that Tom and Hien played in the intermediate pool. They tried their best as well but alas...no winners in our group. Poor Tam and his leg cramp. I was really hoping tanya and tam would kick the other team's but cuz they were cheap players! but anyway...we all had a great time!! that's all that matters =) the margaritas treat was pretty awesome too

Sandy's New Digs...our sweet little sandy moved into a new apt complex with Lam and the parties are totally starting! they even have two lil puppies! so cute! they're young and rambunctious. So silly...thanks for inviting us over to your gatherings girl! all i remember are those huge bottles of liquor....they're pretty just not so tasty lol unless u like that sort of stuff haha anyway, many more parties to come, yup!!!

And that is it!! that would be my crazy end of summer fun! every moment cherished, every moment remembered =D thanks friends who have joined me in all the fun!! welcome Fall...we are ready for ya....


Blogger Eric said...

Where's all the exciting adventures with your good friend Lisa?!

9:44 PM  

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