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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Mac vs Big Carl

And the winner is................


Let me tell you why. To note, I tried the big carl yesterday and bleh...ain't nothing tasty as a big mac! Ok, i do admit the patties are a bit bigger but all it is to me is a huge ole cheeseburger with ghetto amounts of lettuce. Cheeseburger!! They seriously gave me one slab of iceberg lettuce, the part where it's WHITE and TASTELESS and big cheese and patties. I didn't find anything veggie-ish in this baby at all. Where's that special sauce, you ask? Well I did taste interesting honey tasting portions in my burger but it really was just weird and barely there.

Hands down, big mac is still better. I don't know anyone who didn't like the big mac but i'm sure it's better than the Big Carl!! If you're gonna have a commercial talking down on the big mac, it better be better...but it ain't so, Carl's Jr., you lose.


Blogger Eric said...

Where's the Eris review?!!!?


10:24 PM  

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